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Men and Women with swords. Full contact Chinese sword fighting. Kids crossing swords. We are witnessing the historical revival of real Chinese martial skills. Contestants use real weight wooden swords to replicate martial skill that was once a necessary means of survival. These days, it's the restoration of an ancient art. Chinese sword fighting is making a comeback. For years we have had wushu competitions displaying grace and skill, women with swords, dancing acrobatically, with flexibility most of us marvel at. That's not what I mean. The swordfighting I"m showing you today is real martial skill. If you put these people back in history, they would not be out of place with sharp steel on the batttlefield.

So who are these people? How do they train? Could you be one of them? And what's the prize? If you follow the links throughout this page, you'll find the answers to those and many more questions about the Chinese sword fighting tournaments. But first, take a look at the prize on offer for the June 2009 Tournament in America. I'll be there. How about you? Check out my preparation strategies here.

2010 Traditional Chinese Sword League Tournament

Chinese sword fighting TCSL

This year's Champion's prize is a sword that faithfully reproduces the ceremonial Shen Feng sword carried by the Emperor Qianlong's attendants on auspicious occasions. The name Shen Feng is tricky to translate into English. Shen means spirit and Feng means sharp. Together they mean extremely sharp, implying to be used by skilled hands. Like the original, this recreation is decorated with semi-precious stones and gold. Only 2 of the original Shen Feng Swords are known; one is in the collection of the Forbidden City and there is one in the Musée de l'Armée in Paris.The Qianlong Emperor's reign (1736-1795) was the zenith of Qing military power. Qianlong himself was something of a renaissance man, being an accomplished painter, poet and martial artist. In fact, it is said that he could best his own body guards. He was also the last Chinese emperor to personally lead his troops in combat. During his life, Qianlong had over a hundred swords designed for his personal use and the use of his close attendants. The design of many of these swords break with Chinese design traditions and are typically, lavishly decorated.

Anyone who wants a chance at winning this sword should bear in mind that registration for this National chinese Sword Fighting Tournament closes on September 23rd... registration from will be emailed to all members.

To download a membership applications, please go to:

Anne Likold's 2024 Tournament review

This year's TCSL Tournament was the biggest ever, with 13 competitors. It was held in conjunction with a bigger Chinese martial arts tournament. For a review of the training and the tournament day, click here.

martial arts tournament

2009Traditional Chinese Sword League

Beginner's Tournament

Traditional Chinese Sword League beinners tournament

2008 Traditional Chinese Sword League Tournament

Chinese sword fighting TCSL2008

  • It was the first

  • Why it happened

  • Judges and contestants

  • The championship match

  • Video available

2009 TCSL Youth Tournament


Chinese sword fighting kids tournament

2009 TCSL Tournament

Women with swords tcsl2009

  • Eligibility to enter

  • Equipment you need

  • Where is it?

  • What's the prize?

  • Judges

  • About other contestants

  • Rules

  • How to apply

Please be patient as this section on Chinese Sword Fighting Tournaments is constructed. Look back regularly for links to all of the bullet points above.

The 2009 Traditional Chinese Sword League Tournament is now over. It was an excellent time, an improvment on the previous year and a pointer for the future.

Chinese Sword Fighting Tournament DVD 2

If you would like to see a preview of the video made by Jonathan Doyle of Nycreator animation, click here. There is a full version available for purchase.

If you're interested in the fun and pageantry of Renaissance Faires, watch this informative new site. Fire and Reign is a good place to look for swords, jewellery, candles and more, to kit you out for the event and get you up to speed with the history.

Your Tournament Story

Tell us about your experience of entering a sword fighting tournament. What style was it? What equipment did you use? What were the main rules and the most interesting experiences?

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