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How to Make a Website
like the

SBI! Monthly Billing Option

With no prior knowledge of how to make a website, and a vague idea of starting an online business, I began to search for the best way to do it. Site Build It came up as an option fairly quickly, but we're all trained to watch out for scams these days, so I was skeptical at first. I did listen to the videos and it sounded impressive. It sounded like something a beginner such as myself, could do.

Webmasters Masters Course
As I looked around, Site Build It sites came up in the 100 best websites on a lot of subjects. I realised that if that was happening, it couldn't be a scam. Besides, they all had great information. There was nothing scammy about them. Sometimes they even do specials where you can buy one and get one for a third of the price. they are doing one of those over American Thanksgiving for example, so it might be something really good to give to a relative for Christmas.

The key element if you want to improve Alexa rank, show up on the first page of a Google or Yahoo search, and be found in the mountain of other websites on your subject, is to get lots of free website traffic. Most people don't know how to do that. Someone can teach you how to make a website, or they can even do it for you, but if it isn't built in a way the search engines find easily, it will sit there with very few visitors. No visitors means all your good work of writing information goes to waste. It's like having a book in the library that no one knows about, so they never read it.

SBI! Traffic Test
If you want to know how to make a website as an online front for your business, Site Build It is a really good option. Just look it up and see. Type in whatever you are searching for and go to the bottom of the pages that appear. See how many of them say "powered by Site Build It". It's no good having a great business if no one comes to look at it. SBI will teach you how to change that. You'll get people coming who want the sort of information you are offering. Website owners, learn more here.

Maybe you are a website developer who makes sites for other people. Joining up with SBI can help you develop your skills and keep up with the latest trends. It will put you in touch with a lot of other professionals and it provides a product customers can easily be taught to maintain. Webmasters learn more here.

Site Build It!
If you are a work at home Mum or Dad, this is something you can do in the spaces around looking after children and caring for a home. It's not a get rich fast scheme because it takes time to build a good foundation. You'll start a snowball rolling and it will get bigger and more profitable over time. You can take a subject you are passionate about, write about it on your site, and make money from it. Work at home Mums and Dads, learn more here.

I learnt how to make a website while sharing my passion about Chinese swordsmanship. This was like doing a course to keep my brain alive. It also encouraged me to improve my skills, and it has started making money within the first year. As a general idea, my website has brought in four times the amount I paid for it in its first year. The second year should be a lot better than that because I'm set up and trained now. It should continue to grow every year and when I feel like it, I'll start another one on a different subject.

Site Build It! Tools
So, it isn't a scam. It's the real thing. There isn't anything as good available. You'll learn a lot of skills. It will be work, but fun type work because you write about your passion and learn how to make a website at the same time. What about the cost? SBI cost $299 USD per year. That includes everything - hosting, all the tools and templates, education, forums with free expert advice, best optimisation proceedures - everything. For people that is too much for, you can pay by the month - just $29.99 per month. A dollar a day. It's not expensive, is it?

That's a good deal if you're on limited income - retired for example. Retirees have lots of experience and passion. You can make a little extra while doing what we are all told we should - keeping our brain healthy by learning new skills. Retirees, learn more here.

Site Build It! Questions
Another really good feature that has just been added is the interactive 2.0 feature. People used to pay extra for that but now it's free. What it means is that people can write information or questions or anything else that can be integrated into your site. I've got a question and answer page up, for example. I've also got a write-your-own page on ancient Chinese arms and armour, and an interactive page about sword cutting training. people can add their ideas and pictures. That's just one of the amazing features that come free with the Site Build It package. You can learn how to make a website - anyone with a bit of motivation can.

Take a look for yourself. Everyone interested learn more here.

Click here if you would like answers to your questions about how to make a website with Site Build it, or any other questions you may have.

Special SiteSell Promotion

P.S. If you buy an SBI site through one of the links on my website, I am happy to help you through the building process - not as a professional, but as a beginner like you, who has worked it out a little earlier. You can ask me questions when you get stuck and I'll help where I can or point you to someone who knows better - the same as anything else on the Chinese Swords Guide.

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