Your guide to
making it, buying it or improvising

This is your guide to protective body armour for sword fighting. Make it yourself or purchase it. I'll build this section, over the coming months, with my best tips to save you time and make it both authentic and serviceable.

Look for these pages soon, in the Chinese Swords Guide:
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A helmet is one of the first pieces of protective body equipment you will need. There are simple solutions in ready made helmets for sports. If you need one quickly or inexpensively, they are a good idea. There is also the option of a custom made, and of course, more expensive, Chinese helm. Look for pages on the following in the weeks to come:

Adam Mckay armour

An exquisite reproduction Qing general's parade helmet, by Sydney artisan, Adam Mckay. This is one of my helmets. I use it when fighting with steel.

I have been through a fairly painful search for servicable sword fighting gloves. Perhaps, this guide will save you bruises and broken fingers. I'll tell you about the best gloves I've found for different purposes. I'll also give you some hints on easy to find sports equipment that will do the job until you can make or purchase the armor you really want.

Look for pages on:

Terracotta warriors.
Alt Text--Terracotta warriors in armour
  • Quick solutions from the local sports department
  • The swordfighting glove guide
  • What to wear on your feet
  • Arms and elbows, shins and knees
  • Necks and shoulders
  • What you need to train with steel
  • Shields


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