Supplemental material for those who live far away and for our weekly classes

This section of the Chinese Swords Guide is for the benefit of those who travel to study Michuan taijiquan or Chinese swordsmanship with me. You can't correctly learn tai chi online. This is to supplement your training. I do not claim to be a teacher; simply a student a little further ahead.

Now that I have people asking for training assistance from Queensland, and students travelling once a month from Canberra, this "learn tai chi online" section has become necessary. Use it wisely. Do not distribute the video. It is far from perfect. If you want to learn Yangjia Michuan taijiquan, this is a look at it. If you are close enough to me to travel sometimes, this section will aid long distance study between training.

My teacher is Scott M. Rodell. he comes to Australia once every year or so to teach seminars. If you are studying with me, I advise you to make every effort to come to the seminars. The next one will be in April 2024. Registrations are open now.

Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan Di Yi Duan

Di Yi Duan means "The First Section". This video shows me performing the first section. When done at correct speed, it is approximately eight minutes long. This video shows only the movements. It was taken a year ago and I've improved since then, but it will do as a reminder for those who live in distant parts of Australia. We have to start somewhere. I am not calling the breathing on this video.

Do not try to go too far ahead of what you have had instruction in. To make the best use of these long distance study notes, try to improve the parts you've learnt face to face. If you are an overseas student, hoping to learn tai chi online, please contact me. I may be able to help you find a teacher in your area.

Canberra/Albury Students Emptyhand Training

For those students who travel six hours up to train once a month, work hard all day and then travel, all the way back. This sort of dedication is just asking for a revision section of your own. I'm very happy to write it for you. Train hard and enjoy yourselves.

Canberra/Albury Students Swordsmanship Training

The links below are for revision pages of the swordsmanship training we have done. I hope these are useful to the Canberra students and any others who come across it.

Kid's Swordsmanship Classes
Weekly Lesson Revision

This is a weekly update for kids in my Wednesday classes. In our Wednesday afternoon swordfighting classes LEARNING TO FOCUS is the main theme for the term. Focus is a mixture of concentration and"listening". I will try to update this page every week.
  • Kids in our class can use it to revise the lesson.
  • Kids who are away can see what we did and catch up on some ofwhatyou missed.
  • Ask questions on the form below and I will give the answers forothers to see.
  • If you are not part of our group or a kid I know, you can askquestions on the Contact Us form and I'll email you, or on the CSG Answers page. Only kids I know can communicate on this page, to keep it safe.

24th February, 2024 Learning To Focus
3rd March, 2024 Martial Arts Lessons
10th March, 2024 Sword Identification
17th March, 2024 Sword Drill Partner Exercises
24th March, 2024 Defensive Action
31 March, 2024 Sharp Swords
26 May, 2024 Hsing-I Sword Moves
10 June, 2024 How to Make a Sword

Questions and Answers

If you are unclear on a movement or the martial applications, please use the form at the bottom of this page to ask about it. The questions will come to me, be answered within a few days, and appear underneath the form, as links to their own page. These questions will then be visible to others. Others will be able to make comments and be included in the discussion.

Questions and Answers

If you have a question about anything on this page, please ask it here.

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