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Two sword making apprenticeships have become available with an excellent swordsmith in China. This is a rare opportunity for the right people who wish to learn how to polish Japanese swords and Chinese swords with a master smith. 

Sword Polishing Apprenticeship Applications

...All students
should expect results  DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL  to their effort
and level

Master Rich Chen, founder and sword maker of Zubeng Forge, is now accepting applications for two positions, after hearing from so many interested persons who have expressed their committment to becoming apprentice sword polishers.

This is a serious apprenticeship program and only devoted students of the arts should apply.

The period of time for study is determined by the apprentice, since some students learn quickly, while others take more time. It should be noted that speed is not the goal, but rather great patience, care and attention to detail, in order to become a true master of the technique.

All candidates for these apprenticeships in the sword skills of
sword making are required to:

  • uphold dedication to the art of sword polishing
  • understand why this forge has utmost respect for jewel steel (Tamahagane Steel)
  • be legally permitted to remain within China for their entire stay. This is not limited to possible trips to Japan and/or Hongkong (Macau)
  • be financially responsible for all personal expenses.

Students should understand that this is a traditional apprenticeship program. They will be required to mentally and physically prepare themselves to live a spartan lifestyle, and devote the entirety of their time and efforts to learning the art and skill of traditional sword polishing.

There are unique benefits to this program:

  • You will become part of a family and live amongst us.
  • You may participate in free Kendo lessons 3 times a week, 2 hours each day.
  • Those with a gift for languages will become fluent as they live in China.
  • There will be no delay in study. You will be handed a sword to polish on the first day.
  • Room and board will be provided at no charge.
The traditional manner for learning any sword making art in Japan is to sweep and clean the workroom for a year before you are allowed to touch a sword. Master Chen will give you the chance to begin sword polishing without delay.

References from school and previous employers will be required.

For more information please contact us at zubeng@ymail.com

Be sure to follow the activities of Zubeng Forge on Rich Chen on Facebook.com before sending your enquiries, so you may understand what life at Zubeng Forge is all about. Master Chen is looking for true devotees of Iaido, Kendo and the arts. If you are chosen as an apprentice you wil become part of a proud few  with a soul for ancient heritage.

This notice posted by Mr. Bobby who represents Master Rich Chen, in English matters.
YangJiang, GuangDong, China

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