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You can make it yourself, or buy it - here's how. If you are one of the many people who love to make their own equipment, this is the section for you. If you are someone who admires the work of others, likes to know how they did it, and wants someone to do it for them, you might find it here as well.

As this section of the chinese Swords Guide grows. I'll bring you the best techniques for making everything from Chinese reenactment gear, to armour, training equipment and weapons. I'll also make some things for you if you wish to buy them, and point you to others who can do the things I can't.

If you are looking for really top quality arms and armour, you'll need to check out the Featured Artisans section.

If you have a particular skill in make it yourself equipment that you would like to share with others, fill in the form below and I'll put it up on its own page if it fits in the Chinese Swords Guide.

How to make a gambeson

Make it yourself Red Chinese GambesonThe gambeson featured here is in the Manchu Banner Army style. It features detachable arms and spauldrons so it can be worn as a vest in hotter weather, with or without extra upper arm and shoulder protection. The sleeves can be worn for the best arm and hand protection. The gambeson can be made to your own size and is also adjustable because of the side lacing. You can decorate it with studs to replicate dingjia armour, or just leave it plain. Make it yourself or ask if I have time to make one.

Make your own tasset

make it yourself red Chinese tassetThis tasset goes with the Chinese banner Armour style gambeson. Make it yourself with these easy to follow instructions. This is a simple and easy to wear solution for leg protection. If you are dressing for Chinese Reenactment, you'll definitely want one of these to go with your gambeson.

If you are sword fighting with full weight wooden or blunt steel swords, it's exactly what you need, and it won't get in the way. Make it plain or decorated with studs. It's much easier than the gambeson. Make it yourself or ask me if I can make one for you. Full gambeson and tasset set, without studs, $560 USD, including postage.

Take a look at the overview on the How to Make a Tasset Intruction Video.

Padded swords for children

boffer for kidsFollow the step by step instructions and pictures on this page to make padded boffers in the style of jian for children to train with. The swords are light enough to go easy on their young ligaments, and balanced well enough to give them a good sword fighting experience. They are much safer than commercial toy swords and useful for training anyone up to teenagers in Chinese swordsmanship. Our kids use them for forms, basic cuts training, partner exercises and freeplay.

I'll even make these for you if you'd rather buy them than make it yourself. See the How To Videos page for a quick slideshow on making these padded swords.

Make your own cutting stand

Coming soon ..... pictures and step by step instructions for making a cross stand based platform suitable for cutting water filled plastic bottles, friut and other objects with Chinese swords.

Everyone who trains in Chinese swordsmanship needs to train in cutting to correct their edge angle and learn to control cuts with a full weight sharp sword. You really can make it yourself. I did. Of course, I grew up with tools in my hands from babyhood, but hey ... it's not that hard.

Make your own bamboo cutting stand

Coming soon ..... Step by step intructions for making several varieties of cutting stand to use when you are cutting bamboo or whatever branches you can access locally. This is a step up from cutting bottles but when that becomes easy, you'll want to move on.

How to make hardened leather greaves

Coming soon ..... custom made protection for forearms and shins when you want to look better than the guy wearing cricket shinpads. they work well of course, but they do tend to come in scary colours. I'll show you how to shape and harden leather and how to make pads to wear underneath to protect from chaffing, as well as your training partner's sword. Make it yourself for a perfect fit.

An easy shield with hardened leather cover

Coming soon..... There is an art to getting the leather just hard enough without making it brittle. I'll also teach you how to use very simple backing materials for stretching the leather over. Great for training with sabre and shield.Make it yourself in any style to suit your type of swordsmanship.

How to make an arming cap

Coming soon ..... When that helmet is just a little loose, or you don't want to sweat all over it, or you want to get it on and off quickly without cutting that long hair, an arming cap is the answer. I'll show you how to make one before too much longer.

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