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W hether your passion is collecting Chinese swords or training with them, it is my aim to make this site a gateway to everything you're looking for. No need to search endlessly through old forum posts for buried pieces of knowledge. I'm gathering and organising the most relevant information right here. It is being constantly updated. Take advantage of the RSS feature and be first to know when a new page has been written.

The Chinese Swords Guide is interactive. If something you want is missing, let me know on the Contact form and I'll add it to the site. If you have an area of expertise, I can give you a page
of your own to express it. If you have a helpful
addition to a page already written, that can be added as well.

This guide takes an in-depth look at swordsmanship
training. A lot of  what you find here will be useful for
all styles of swordfighting. 

Popular Swords and Swordsmanship Areas

I invite you visit this guide with me often, as it grows. Look through the Menu for the main topics. Check the Site Map for a quick reference to every subject on the site. Or use the Site Search feature to find every page on a topic of interest.  This is a martial arts journey from the perspective of a student.

If you are looking for a more general, interactive site on all aspects of China, I recommend this one: CHINATELLS offers a free and open platform for anyone who is interested to know more about where Chinese think from and how things work in China. You are free to discuss, comment, download and write whatever you like at CHINATELLS as long as it relates to China.' - Where Kiwis Find It !

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Real Swords coming to Australia.
Some real swords can't cut for toffee. These sanmei and carbon steel blades from Huanuo are hand forged, and proven as good cutters.

Chinese Martial Arts Books and DVDs
The Chinese Martial Arts Books and DVDs reviewed on this site are the best I've found for taijiquan and Chinese swordsmanship.

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Drop us a note. We'd love to hear from you. Comments and questions welcome.

Chinese Swords Guide BlogLatest Site Updates
The Chinese Swords and Swordsmanship Blog keeps you up to date with all the new or changed information on the website. Subscribe here.

Chinese Sword Training - Upcoming Events
If you would like to do some sword training. This is the place to look. I'll keep it up to date with any excellent seminars, camps or regular training I become aware of.

Learn Tai Chi Online
This page is for the benefit of those who travel to study Michuan taijiquan or Chinese swordsmanship with me. You can't correctly learn tai chi online. This is to supplement your training.

Stretching Exercises to Help Prevent Injuries.
Ankle, knee and hip rotations, groin stretches, arm and leg stretching exercises to prepare for Chinese swordsmanship training.

Chinese Sword Fighting Techniques, Grip and Stance.
Basic Chinese sword fighting moves for you to learn. Part 1: Sword grip and stance.

Chinese Sword Techniques. Historical Chinese Sword fighting Techniques.
These sword techniques are historically correct, easy to learn and have similarities to different sword fighting styles.

Top Swordfighting Tips and Techniques
Some Chinese swordfighting looks like a bad pirate movie. Why waste your time when you can be learning correct and proven historical techniques?

Sword Cutting with Chinese Swords:
You can learn to do sword cutting responsibly with respect for your blade.

Tai chi sword from forms to freeplay
Down to earth information on tai chi sword forms Martial applications for taiji jian and chinese broadsword. Real Chinese swordsmanship skills.

Full contact Chinese Sword Fighting Tournaments
Men and Women with swords. Full contact Chinese sword fighting. Kids crossing swords. We are witnessing the historical revival of real Chinese martial skills.

Chinese Martial Arts Weapons Training: Miao Dao
Miao Dao is becoming one of the more common Chinese martial arts weapons for student training. Two handed sword techniques for this sabre are explained in this section of the Chinese Swords Guide.

Best Wooden Swords for Training in Real Swordsmanship.
Not all wooden swords are up to the mark. Check out the guide for what to look for in a waster before you go comparison shopping.

Chinese Swords.
How Chinese swords are made. Classifications and statistics of Jian and Dao. Forging processes and history.

Chinese Armour, Ancient and Modern
This is your guide to protective body armour for sword fighting. Make it yourself or purchase it. Best tips to save you time and make it both authentic and serviceable.

Best helmet for full contact Chinese sword fighting?
Try our head conservation tips with best helmet reviews. Which is the right helmet for you?

SWORD RESTORATION. Remove rust and prevent it, sword maintenance
A rusty sword cries neglect. I'll tell you how to prevent and remove rust, restore swords and keep them sharp and clean.

Make it Yourself - armour, boffer sword, equipment for Chinese swordsmanship.
This is the make it yourself section of the Chinese Swords Guide. Want armour, cutting stands, boffer swords, and other essential equipment? I'll tell you how to make your own, or make it for you.

Chinese Arms and Armour, featured artisans.
These people make or restore Chinese arms and armour. They know ancient Chinese weapons and how to restore or reproduce the best gear for collectors and martial artists.

How to make a website that attracts free website traffic.
With no prior knowledge of how to make a website or build free website traffic, I used Site Build It to create the Chinese Swords Guide.

Ancient Chinese Weapons
Tantalysingly restored ancient Chinese swords; warriors uncovered from the tomb; exquisite dingjia armour. The influence of history on martial arts today. Will such craftsmanship ever be equaled?

The Chinese Sword Camp in Australia that started a tradition.
See videos of sword training, drills, traditional Chinese swordfighting. The recent history of Jian skill in Australia.

Women with swords - how far we have come.
Men and women with swords in equal freeplay prove our progress since the beginnings of womens boxing, archery and fox hunting.

Training in Martial Arts Kids Will Love:
Chinese Swordsmanship for children. Want a martial arts kids class that's more fun than video games?

Antique Sword Blade Protection.
Your antique sword is a piece of ancient Chinese history. Find out the best way to conserve it and what you must avoid.

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Chinese Swords Guide Privacy Policy
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Chinese Swords Guide Site Map
Site map - a list of clickable links to every page in the Chinese Swords Guide.

Ultimate Fighting Equipment for Full Contact Chinese Swordfighting
Are you entering a full contact Chinese swordfighting tournament? This page describes the ultimate fighting gear, including custom helmet and wooden swords.

Wooden Sword Maker Graham Cave and his unique designs.
Just how much study and expertise is behind a wooden sword by Graham Cave. Read the story of the dedication behind every Chinese sword he produces.

Terra Cotta Soldiers of Qin Shi Huangdi
The terra cotta soldiers unearthed in Xian, in 1974, show details of ancient Chinese armour. Qin Shi Huangdi, first emporer of China, had the terracotta warriors made to guard him in the afterlife

Answers to Swords and Swordsmanship Questions
Ask swords and swordsmanship questions and get answers.

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