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How to Sharpen a Stainless Steel Sword 
I have a collection of stainless steel swords. I want to sharpen one of them just to see if I can but I don't know how. I saw somewhere on the internet ...

Owning a Katana in Victoria, Australia  My 18 year old brother would like a katana for his birthday. We live in Melbourne. I heard somewhere it was illegal to have one of these swords in Victoria....

Can you make a Damascus sword?  I have seen beautiful knives made with blades that are called Damascus. I think they are made by forging two or more metals together by folding, heating ...

Clarification of Four Corners Drill  Question:
In the Four Corners 2 person drill, (http://www.chinese-swords-guide.com/waist-exercises.html) should step 1 be turning the waist left, and ...

why....,  why.... & when..... did ancient weaponry start ?


As long as human beings have existed, there have been weapons. In fact, perhaps earlier ...

Market Swords  Some sellers at my local market have a range of swords under $50 AUS. How can I tell if these are any good?

Swords sold cheaply in a local ...

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