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Miao Dao is becoming one of the more common Chinese martial arts weapons for student training. Two handed sword techniques for this sabre are explained in this section of the Chinese Swords Guide. I've put an interactive section at the bottom of the page for readers to ask questions, share knowledge and training techniques. The other readers contributions will be links underneath the form.

Chinese martial arts weapons, miao daoI'm not far into my own Miao Dao training yet, so the more others contribute to this section of Chinese martial arts weapons techniques, the better it will be for other visitors. I will only share techniques I know and use. I expect information from others training with this two handed sword will fill some of the gaps.

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Silu Miao Dao Form

Here is a demonstration by teacher Seth Davis of New Jersey, USA. He is performing the Silu Miao Dao form, which is the same one I practise. He is demonstrating this Chinese martial arts weapons form from both sides so students are able to get a better view of the movements. As this section progresses, I'll write explanations of the movements and add photos or video demonstrations.

If you would like to contact Seth, this is where he can be found:
Seth Davis
Ziran Martial Arts
231 B Raritan Ave
Highland Park, NJ 08904
Voice: (732)801-9918

Or you can check in at his website Ziran Chinese Martial Arts School, New Jersey.

Miao Dao Strikes

  • Kan

  • Hui

  • Beng Tiao

  • Gua

  • Xia Kan

  • Ci

  • Pi

  • Heng Pi

  • Ji

  • Shi

  • Zha

  • Ya

  • Jie

Miao Dao Partner Drills

Miao Dao Footwork

More Miao Dao Styles

This is the hub page for Miao Dao training in the Chinese Swords Guide. The headings will have information and the bullet points will become links to information pages, as time goes by.

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