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his section is about martial arts kids training? As the new sports season approaches, sign up details appear in the local paper for all the usual sports. Stop and think before rushing your child into soccer, netball, baseball, basketball or cricket. Is that the best activity for your child? What about something completely different that will train your child for life? Are your kids in martial arts. What about getting them into Chinese swordsmanship if it is available in your area.

The information in this part of the Chinese Swords Guide comes from a successful Kids Sword Club in the Blue Mountains of Australia. I hope it will inspire taiji teachers to start one in their area, or people who live close enough to send their children to mine.

Kids Love Chinese Swordsmanship

Kids martial arts swordsmanship

Parents Love Chinese Swordsmanship

Ancient-China-Sword kids martial arts
  • Flexibility and coordination.

  • Develops concentration.

  • Builds strength and stamina.

  • Self esteem and confidence.

  • Enhances social skills.

  • Discipline and respect.

  • Health and fitness.

I Love Kids Chinese Swordsmanship

Ancient-China-Sword training kids
  • They love to learn.

  • They make fast progress.

  • It helps them in life.

  • I learn from them too.

  • Proud of every step they take.

  • A way to give back.

  • Preserve our art for the future.

I will continue this section over the next few months with pages on how martial arts kids training, especially Chinese swordsmanship, helps your child. I'll let you know what sword fighting equipment is needed, the cost and what sort of progress kids make. There will be a description of the skills the children learn, including test cutting, and information about tournament preparation.

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If you live in the Blue Mountains, near Sydney, drop me a line here.

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