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If you are looking for the sort of sword training you see throughout the Chinese Swords Guide, this is a good place to begin. Real Chinese swordfighting lessons are not easy to find. I'm willing to post links here to anything, worldwide, that offers martially correct training from a verified lineage. This is a service to the Chinese Swordsmanship community.

Australian Sword Festival April 2024

On April 24th and 25th, 2024, students from across Australia and other countries as well, will be gathering at Sydney University Sports and Aquatic Centre for the Australian Sword Festival.

This is undoubtedly the best sword training event in one place in Australia this year. Teachers of numerous styles of swordsmanship will take classes in two hour blocks. Registered students will be able to choose and sample training in four different styles of the eight available.

As well as the sword training sessions, there will be times of free sparring, demonstrations and time to mingle with swordsmen of many styles. All are welcome - beginner to advanced.

If you only choose one swordsmanship event this year, make it this one. Read more about the Australian Sword Festival or register here.

Taijiquan Seminars in Australia 2024

Taijiquan training.
Alt Text--Taijiquan seminars
Teacher Scott Rodell will be in Australia to teach Yangjia Michuan taijiquan from 17th - 20th April, 2024. After that he will be doing some sword training at the Australian Sword Festival, so you can get them all in during a two week holiday.

The taijiquan seminars will be suitable for everyone. Beginners can lay a good foundation and continuers should be there because it is intended that these seminars will fill in the gaps in our Section 1 training. After that, it will be time for Australia to move on to Section 2.

Registration information for the taijiquan Seminars here.

GRTC 25th Anniversary Events

GRTC 25th Anniversary sword training and taijiquan

October 10 - 17, 2009. This year is the twenty fifth anniversary of Great River Taoist Center with teacher Scott Rodell. This is a quote from the GRTC school website:

" Having grown from a tiny group to an international school, GRTC has defined itself as a community of practitioners dedicated to the pursuit of an endangered art. Students of all ages and abilities have joined Great River expecting “just to learn tai chi” and have discovered something far more valuable and personally meaningful.

Over the last 25 years, Great River has gone through many changes. The DC school has moved, but always stayed in the DuPont Circle area. GRTC has opened branches in Russia, Estonia, and Australia. Over the years, students have organized multiple international taiji festivals. Students have entered and won many tournaments throughout the world.

This October the Great River community will celebrate its past in the best way it can – a celebration through practice. The DC school will hold multiple seminars for students of all levels. From a push-hands party to a more rigorous set of seminars, GRTC students will pay their respects to the Art through mindful practice while having a good time."

October 10th – Push-hands party at the DC school. All levels and abilities welcome. If you’ve never pushed hands, this is a great opportunity to come join your classmates, learn and laugh harder than you ever have before

October 10th (TBD) – A dinner celebrating the school’s 25 years.

October 16-18th – a weekend long seminar held at Farfelu Vineyard in Flint Hill, VA. Limited space is available and the recommended donatition is $200. Those students stay for the whole weekend will work on swordplay and more advanced sword training.

October 17th – a daylong seminar for all levels at Farfelu Vineyard, only an hour and half away from DC. A daylong training event is a great way to push your skills to the next level. There will be multiple mini-seminars throughout the day taught by your classmates. Dinner is included and the recommended donation is $100.

For more Information and registration details, visit Great River Taoist Center School Site.

Children's Seminars and Classes

Children's sword classes.
Alt Text--Kid's sword training
In the Blue Mountains, near Sydney, Australia, we run regular Chinese Swordsmanship classes for children aged 7-17 years. At present they are running on Wednesday, after school from 4:00 - 5:15pm. I am not aware of any other classes of this nature yet, so it isn't easy to find Chinese swordsmanship training for kids. There are many other types of sword lessons for children. If you want your child to learn to sword fight, see what else is available in your area. Chinese sword training will become more available for this age group as there are people with the right qualifications to teach it. Working with children always has specific requirements.

On Saturday, July 25th, 2009. There will be a Children's Chinese Swordsmanship Seminar, in Woodford, in the Blue Mountains. If you are in the area, there is still time to register, right up until the day before. Check out this link (coming tomorrow) for the details of this Kids Sword Training and what is involved in registration. Much of out children's training is done with these foam swords.

Sword Training for Adults

Adults who wish to take Chinese sword lessons, can do so from me (Linda Heenan) in the Blue Mountains, Australia. I charge $20 for a one hour private lesson and all students are taught in private lessons, or with a close friend, until they understand the basic cuts and first principles. After that, if there are others of a similar progression and available time, groups are recommended. This is the opposite of a traditional approach but it gives students in our world the best possible start.
Sword Training Seminars.
Alt Text--Adult sword training
Australian Sword Festival
23 - 25 April, 2024

The sword festival will be held in Sydney at a venue to be announced, beginning Fri evening and going through the weekend. There will be several styles of swordsmanship training on offer. Scott Rodell is teaching Chinese, Paul Wagner, a European style. Possibly Japanese, Italian and one other - more details soon. Students can stick with one style or move around. We hope to hold a mini tournament at the end.

Scott Rodell will be in the Blue Mountains taking Taijiquan or Chinese swordsmanship seminars the week before the Sword Festival. Updates are regularly available on this Facebook group.

Seminars in America and Europe

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