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Sword Fighting Game: Stumpy

tumpy is a very popular sword fighting game in our kids group. I use more games towards the end of a term when the children are already tired from long months at school. There are many ways to learn good sword fighting techniques so we might as well make it fun. Remember, while reading this, we do not use toy swords from the local shop. These usually aren't strong enough and they often aren't safe enough either. We use specially designed foam swords like these.

Getting Started

Stumpy is a sparring sword fighting game. Pair the children up with someone reasonably close to their own ability. Make sure they are wearing enough protection for the swords they are using. Protective goggles are a good idea for foam sword play. Some kids might need gloves as well. If you have an older group, using wooden swords, they will need helmets and possibly gambesons.

Make sure the bouting pairs have a designated area for their match and don't encroach on the territory of another pair. We do this outside.

How to Play

I'll let you figure out why we call this sword fighting game "Stumpy". The aim is for the children to use correct Chinese sword fighting techniques in a precise way, to disable their duifang and win their match. All techniques are allowed and good deflections are necessary. You must stike your partner without him striking you back. Aim for the sword arm first. Then the duifang must change hands, since he doesn't have that one anymore.

The sword fighting game continues with hitting a leg so the hit person must hop. Then either the other arm or leg may be aimed for. If both legs have been struck, the child must fight on their knees. If both arms have been hit, the only option is to hop out of the way. The winner is the one who takes out all four of his partner's limbs.


  • Nominate specific cuts as the only ones to use.
  • Give a one limb advantage to a newer student.
  • If you chase your partner out of the circle you regain use of a chosen limb.
  • Keep fighting different partners until there is a tournament winner.

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