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Battle Ready Swords


This Sword is Available Now.

battle ready sword Royal peony Gold Jian

Battle ready swords .... how often have you read that and checked it out only to find junk that wouldn't make it in one piece through a battle with plastic soldiers? Not this time though. This is the real thing. The Huanuo Forge Royal Peony jian has a folded steel sanmei blade and gold plating on the fittings. It handles test cutting of any historical mass targets. See the pictures below for close ups of this sword, including test cutting of mat wrapped bamboo. The sanmei jian has a blue grip wrap on the hilt and a black shark skin (rayskin) scabbard. It is nicely detailed with a very sharp edge. Whether you want it for cutting or for your tai chi sword, this battle ready sword is one you will be proud of.

Recent review of this sword by Scott Rodell.

Folded Steel Sanmei Blade, Black Shark Skin with Blue Grip Wrap
Huanuo List Price: $1300 USD
Our List Price: $895 USD

Weight out of scabbard 921g
Weight in scabbard 15289
Length from pommel to tip 103cm
Length of blade from lower edge of guard 73cm

1060 and 1095 steel is used to make these blades
8,000 - 10,000 layers
Edge hardness - 58-65 HRC
Outer steel - 40-50 HRC

Delivery time for order of this sword - America (1 wk or less) Other countries (2-3 wks). UPS requires the buyer's phone number for delivery. Please include it with your order.

Click on the thumbnails in this gallery for close up views of the sword and its test cutting performance.

battle ready swords cutting
Dou cut

battle ready swords cutting mats
Cutting mats

battle ready swords cutting bamboo
Cut bamboo.

battle ready swords jian with scabbard
The sword

battle ready swords hanger clasp

battle ready swords tips

 Dao top scabbard fitting
Top fitting.

battle ready swords grip wrapp
Grip wrap

battle ready sword jian blade tip
Blade tip

battle ready sword blade pattern

 battle ready swords sanmei jian with scabbard
Royal Peony

battle ready sword rayskin scabbard

sharkskin scabbard hanger fittings

Royal Peony Gold jian guard

Royal Peopny Gold Jian Pommel

Sharkskin scabbard with gold fittings
End fitting

To buy this quality sanmei carbon steel, battle ready sword, click the Buy Now button below. This will take you to a Paypal form

For further enquires contact Linda Heenan:

Phone in Australia: 02 47826593

Or use the contact form below to enquire.

Payment will be accepted by Paypal, bank cheque, postal order, or direct deposit. Details will be supplied when you enquire.

Orders from any country other than Australia will be accepted by Paypal or direct bank transfer. Postal prices for America and Australia are included in the buy it now.

USA Postage = $47
Australia Postage = $170
Buyers from other countries please use the contact form to enquire about postage before purchase.


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