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High Quality Carbon Steel Swords


Swords For Sale Now

carbon steel Huanuo jian for sale

These carbon steel swords have proven ability as a cutter and are strong enough to go through mats or green bamboo. The sword is well balanced and you won't find comparable quality swords for this price in Australia. Wood scabbard with matching fittings and green hilt wrap with slightly aged look.

As far as quality goes, I've gone for the higher end when deciding to import swords for real martial arts training Down Under. These swords are listed at a higher price by the Huano Forge but I've been able to them get at a cheaper price to service our needs in Australia. I will also sell overseas and you can be sure any swords sold on the Chinese Swords Guide have been sorted from the rest as top quality.

This sword is presently out of stock in Australia but you can still order it and our American suppliers will ship your order anywhere in the world as long as your country legally allows sword import.

Royal Peony High Quality Carbon Steel Sword

CDYM, High Carbon Steel Blade, Wood Scabbard, green hilt wrap

Huanuo List Price: $1050 USD
Our List Price: $395 USD

Weight out of scabbard 906g
Weight in scabbard 1486g
Length from pommel to tip 104cm
Length of blade from lower edge of guard 73cm

Blade hardness - 55 HRC
Polish - mirror
Fittings - brass with antique finish

Click on thumbnails to view different parts of this sword.

 carbon steel sword guard

 carbon steel swrds peony fittings

 knee exercises rotation
Tip and fitting.

 hip exercises rotation
Full length

 carbon steel sword hilt

 carbon steel swords peony gripwrap
Grip Wrap

 carbon steel swords tip

 carbon steel sword fittings

 carbon steel sword with scabbard
Sword & Scabbard

 carbon steel swords peony hilt view

 carbon steel sword for sale
Peony C.S. Jian

How to buy this sword

To buy this quality carbon steel jian click the Buy Now button below. This will take you to a Paypal form.

For further enquires contact Linda Heenan:

Phone in Australia: 02 47826593

Or use the contact form below to enquire. Postage within USA $30. Australia $75. Other countries please enquire for correct postage. I regret that I cannot export swords to the UK unless you have the necessary permits. In Australia, I cannot mail swords to Victoria unless you have the required exemption or license.

Payment within Australia will be accepted by Paypal, bank cheque, postal order, or direct deposit. Details will be supplied when you enquire. Payment from other countries will be accepted via Paypal or direct Bank Transfer. UPS requires the buyer's phone number for delivery. Please include it with your order.

Sword including Postage

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