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Hanwei Swords latest Chinese Cutting Sword


Designed and tested by Scott M. Rodell, this latest in Hanwei Swords Chinese range is a functional cutting sword made to historic dimensions. Don't buy swords for cutting until you check this one out.

Hanwei Swords Scott Rodell Cutting Jian

This simple and elegant jian is a revival of the classic Chinese straight sword. This purpose built sword is designed for both cutting and forms practice. It utilises a special steel formulation and heat treatment regiment developed by Hanwei Swords, that optimizes edge hardness and body toughness while staying true to the feel and handling of period jian.

The overall design of this sword is based on Rodell's years of study of thousands of antique Chinese jian. In particular, this historically accurate jian features a blade with a curved surface edge geometry as was the standard for Chinese swords. In order to find the best, historically accurate edge for use by modern practitioners, teacher Rodell tested a number of different edge geometries during the course of the development of this cutting jian. The edge on this sword performs well whether cutting soft plastic targets or hard bamboo or wood.

Chinese Cutting Sword designed by Scott M. Rodell

Blade Steel: Mono-steel with historically accurate curved edge geometry.
Blade Length: 31" (79 cm.)
Sword Length: 39 1/2" (100.5 cm.)
Overall Length: 42 1/2" (108 cm.)
Sword Weight: 1 lb. 15 oz (900 g.)
Decoration/Materials: Steel fittings with Rosewood scabbard and cord wrapped grip.
Each blade is individually hand forged so lengths & weights may vary slightly.
CAS/Hanwei List Price: $399 USD
Our List Price: $$239 USD
Postage by UPS within America $30, to Australia $75
UPS requires the buyer's phone number for delivery. Please include it with your order.

Read an excellent third party review on this sword. The review on the SBG Forum shows pictures of the tang, a cutting video, and gives impressions of every aspect of the sword.

*Rodell's books on swordsmanship include, Chinese Swordsmanship - the Yang Family Taiji Jian Tradition, and Test Cutting for Historical Swordsmanship.

Disassembly of the Hanwei Swords SMR Cutting Sword

How To Buy This Sword

To buy this Hanwei Swords cutting jian:

Contact Linda Heenan:

Phone in Australia: 02 47826593

Or use the contact form below to enquire.

Payment within Australia will be accepted by Paypal, bank cheque, postal order, or direct deposit. Details, including postage costs, will be supplied when you enquire. Overseas buyers please use Paypal to avoid bank fees.

As the prices have recently changed for these swords, owing to aprice rise by Hanwei, the buy it now button has temporarily been disabled. Please email for your purchase at l2i3n9d5a6@gmail.com, or via the contact page.

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