Make training equipment for
Chinese swordsmanship

Expect how to videos on making a padded foam sword for kids, Chinese gambeson and tassett, hardened leather bracers, cutting stands and more as this page grows from month to month. There are more detailed written explanations on this page, without the videos, for those who like to go over the instructions one piece at a time. These short videos are excellent for getting the overview of a whole project - the big picture. The step by step written make it yourself instructions will make all the details clear.

Make a Padded Foam Sword for Kids

Check out the video below to see how it's done. If you have kids training in Chinese swordsmanship. these are the best foam swords available. They are easy to make. If you have kids who want to play sword fighting at home, make a pair of these. Be warned though - they are made to break before the kid does, and they are meant to be used with fencing masks and cricket or lacrosse gloves if you want to protect eyes and avoid tears. Even a padded sword can hurt small fingers.

These swords have the advantage of a properly shaped jian hilt. Children can practise their edge control by lining up the strike with the side of the guard, or you could tape a white line down each edge for them.

Make a Qing Dynasty Tasset

This belongs in our how to videos, even though it has a page of it's own. Full tasset video page. Written instruction page. I'm not making one of these for anyone. I don't sell them. I give them to my teacher for whoever he nominates. My reward is the time he sometimes gives me.

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