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Qing Dynasty Chinese Warriors wore tassets like these.

Qing Dynasty armour

The following instructional video shows how to make a Qing Dynasty style tasset to complete your military body armour in the Bannermen tradition. Chinese traditions and culture are foundational to the practise of our swordsmanship style. Sure, you can dress in plastic for your sparring match. But if you want to really look the part, this is what the Chinese warriors wore. You can make it yourself with minimal sewing ability. Learn as you go. The thing is, it's going to be fairly difficult to find someone to make one of these for you. I worked out that if I sold a hand made gambeson and tasset set for $500, I'd be making just $2.05 an hour for my efforts. I've made quite a few, but I do it on a value exchange basis. Make it yourself. You can do it.

Make Your Own Tasset

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