3 MARCH, 2024

Remember our main emphasis for the term is Learning To Focus.

Focus your eyes

Focus your body

Focus your mind

kids martial arts lessons

These martial arts lessons are held at in Katoomba. Phone Linda (02)47826593, if you want to participate. These notes are an online reminder for children attending the weekly classes and a place to catch up on what we did in Chinese Swordsmanship, for those who are unable to attend.

Parents are welcome to bring children along for a trial lesson. Check this section of the Chinese Swords Guide to see what it's all about.

Edge Geometry

Hi Kids. What were the four different types of sword edge we talked about this week? Take a look on this page about edge geometry to remind yourselves. I'm going to ask about that next week during our stretching time. 

Sword Form

If you are still working on Sections 1 and 2, a little practice every day will help you remember it faster and be ready for the next bit in class each week. You don't have to be the most talented to get the most out of martial arts lessons. You just have to remember to practise.

Section 5 Sword Form Group

Read back on the notes I left for you last week. Click this link.

24th February, 2024 Learning To Focus

This week we worked on that again and added the next few movements. You might have noticed there is a lot of repetition in martial arts lessons. That's because we have to get it past our minds and written into our bodies - especially sword forms.
After the spin:

  • Step to shoulder width
  • Raise your left leg, thigh parallel and fold your hands in to the chest, changing the sword into your right hand.
  • Step with the left foot and hua with the right hand.
  • Step with the right foot and Hua forward, palm up.
  • Pull up the left knee and right elbow (high guard)
  • Step down with the left and then forward with the right, into Ci.
  • Sink low in Tiao.
  • Ya right, hua forward and then stand up into Ci.
  • Spin on the balls of the feet to face the right side and change sword hand in front of your belly.
  • Do the Rhino thing then sink low in a right leg squat.
  • Turn your left foot to the left on the heel, cutting around with the turn.
  • Change hands and stand up into Great Roc.
  • Step your right foot lightly to the left ankle.
  • Deflect and cut into Dou as the right foot step forward.
I can't believe we did all that. Watch the video and practise as often as you can. Let's polish up Section 5 this week so we can move on to Section 6.

Mia Dao Sword Form Group

If you are doing the before class martial arts lessons in Miao Dao, these notes are for you:

  • Make sure your feet are stable before making a cut. This isn't a dance. It has to be martially correct.
  • Focus out. No looking at the ground and bending your head forward.
  • Make sure guards actually cover and protect you from an incoming cut.
  • Think about where every strike is supposed to land. That way you won't cut too far back. Stay protected.

Basic Cuts

All our martial arts lessons include training in the basic cuts. Today we worked on Duo and Hua. Dou is the only two handed cut in our system. Practise at home by choosing three basic cuts, in cluding one or both of the two we did today. Step up and down your backyard doing sequences of cuts, as we did this afternoon. See id you can think of more than one way to make a sequence out of the same series of three.

If you have any questions, ask them on the form on this page.

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