24 February, 2024

Learning to focus in kid's swordfighting

Hi Kids. In our Wednesday afternoon swordfighting classes LEARNING TO FOCUS is the main theme for the term. Focus is a mixture of concentration and "listening". I will try to update this page every week.
  • Kids in our class can use it to revise the lesson.
  • Kids who are away can see what we did and catch up on some of what you missed.
  • Ask questions on the form below and I will give the answers for others to see.
  • If you are not part of our group or a kid I know, you can ask questions on the Contact Us form and I'll email you, or on the CSG Answers page. Only kids I know can communicate on this page, to keep it safe.

Focus your eyes
Focus your body
Focus your mind

In class this week we worked on not chatting to a mate when the teacher is talking. Learning to focus is very important when you are using a sharp sword, as we did this week to practise our thrusts. We practised:


Remember to pass the sword with the tip up and the flat to both of you. Remember to shift your hand to the pommel end and not let go until your classmate has a good grip on the handle above your hand. When you step into Zha, watch your get-away room, and don't step your foot into the heel of the other foot.

Hate Wearing a Helmet?

Yeah, me too. But I like keeping my head. You are getting faster and better at swordfighting. That means you're more likely to injure one another. While the fencing masks have the disadvantage of reducing visibility and hearing, they have the distinct advantages of protecting your teeth and eyes
. Also, if you aren't thinking about head or face injury, you can be learning to focus on deflecting the strike and returning a better one of your own.

Why Decorative Swords are for Decoration Only

If you would like to revise what I taught you about sword tangs, it's all on this page about Sword Hilt Construction. 

For those Learning Miao Dao

Here is a video of Seth Davis doing the Miao Dao form we learn.

For Those Learning Section 5 Jian Form

  • Remember to keep your Mo sequence in an evenly cutting U Shape.
  • The spin goes part way around on the heel and then the rest of the way on the toe.More information on that section 5 pivot. The left foot gets involved as well, so it's like this.

    1. From a feet together position, take a small step with your right foot, touching the ground with the heel.

    2. Step your left foot around it, transferring the spin on the right from the heel  to the toe (as we said).

    3. As the right foot spin transfers to the toe, the left heel lands and the spin is completed with the right toe and left heel pivoting on the ground together.

    4. Then take a sep to shoulder width apart with the right foot. This evens up the stance ready for the next movement.
  • When the sword is in horizontal position behind your back, keep it horizontal.
  • Do your Hua cuts with intent.

Coming to the Seminars in April?

All of you and all who have been in our classes in the past can come to the Kid's Swordsmanship Seminar on April 21. Fundraising is paying your way and you will get another chance to help with selling Easter chocolates in March.

Kids wanting to learn Emptyhand Taijiquan (Tai Chi), are welcome to be at the Seminar with Scott Rodell on the weekend of 17-18 April. Registration information is here. This is free for kids who are or have been in our classes. Fundraising covers your costs. This is good for those of you who have already done some emptyhand training or form with me, or for older ones willing to work hard. All your learning to focus will be needed. Parents who want to attend are most welcome but will have to pay.

Ask your Questions Here this week. I'll make a special page for Kids Questions and Answers and put it up soon.

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