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High Quality Carbon Steel Sword for sale in Australia now


sword for sale Huanuo dao

This sword for sale in Australia now, has a high quality carbon steel blade and is a proven cutter. I've been using mine for more than a year. It has a blue wrapped grip and comes with a wooden scabbard with matching fittings. Click on the gallery thumbnails below for a close view of this Chinese sword. We will ship worldwide. I regret that I cannot ship swords to areas that ban them such as the UK or Victoria in Australia, unless the buyer produces appropriate documentation to allow the purchase.

l2i3n9d5a6@gmail.com or phone me in Australia (02)47826593.

Round Grip Battle Sword, CDYZ,
High Carbon Steel Blade, Wood Scabbard, blue grip wrap (other colours available)
Huanuo List Price: $500 USD
Our List Price: $385 USDPostage by UPS to Americs $30, to Australia $75. Other countries please use the contact for to enquire about purchase and get correct postage costs.

 carbon steel dao in scabbard

 carbon steel sword dao
Dao & scabbard

 sword for sale dao handle

 Sword for sale dao gripwrap
Grip wrap

dao sword for sale guard
Guard top

 sword for sale guard pommel

 Dao top scabbard fitting
Top fitting.

 carbon steel Huanuo dao hanger

 carbon steel sword end fitting
End fitting

 carbon steel swords dao blade tip

 carbon steel swords dao blade close up

 carbon steel sword top of guard
Top of guard

How to buy this sword

To buy this quality carbon steel jian click the Buy Now button below. This will take you to a Paypal form

For further enquiries contact Linda Heenan:

Phone in Australia: 02 47826593

Or use the contact form below to enquire.

Payment within Australia will be accepted by Paypal, bank cheque, postal order, or direct deposit. Details will be supplied when you enquire. Overseas buyers please use Paypal to avoid bank fees. Postage to America $30. Postage to Australia $75 delivered by UPS and shipped no later than two business days after order. UPS requires the buyer's phone number to deliver swords. If you wish to buy more than one sword, contact me for postage details. Paypal payments can be made to l2i3n9d5a6@gmail.com

Sword including postage

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