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Test Cutting Ideas

for a Cut and Thrust Sword

Cut and thrust sword SMR Hanwei Jian Prototype

The Chinese jian is a cut and thrust sword. This broadens the range of strike skills a Chinese martial artist needs to develop. Test cutting with a jian is a fairly recent restoration of traditional swordsmanship skills. I hope this page of ideas and advice helps with your sword cutting sessions.

In the picture above, martial arts teacher Scott Rodell is testing the prototype of a new cutting jian he has designed and Cas Hanwei plans to produce. At present it is looking good for production to go ahead and when it does I expect to have them available for sale through this site. For a discussion of this new Chinese cut and thrust sword see GRTC School Forum.

This page is interactive. Even if you are not using a cut and thrust sword, please feel free to share your test cutting ideas and experiences on the form below. It will help others with their swordsmanship training. I suggest reading this sword cutting page first, especially if you want to try it but are not yet trained. It's always best to do cutting under the supervision of a teacher until you are competent. I'll start it off with a couple of methods. If you have something to share (including a picture if you can), fill in the form and your ideas, experiences and advice will be added with a link to their own page at the bottom of this one.

Suspended Bottles

Use string to tie plastic bottles filled with water and hang them from a branch. We tried this recently and discovered it was easier than using a cutting stand. There is less chance of hitting anything. That leaves more concentration for the cut.

We discovered that cuts such as Dou are possible. You can do this two handed strike powerfully downward with no fear of chipping your sword on the bolt in the center of the cutting stand. The cut can be vertical instead of having to always be angled. We discovered that the sword will go all the way through the bottle in a vertical line, splitting the lid and continuing right through the bottle. Rigid plastic is as easy to cut as soft plastic, using this strike.

We also discovered that practising Tiao is possible with a suspended bottle. You can't work on this cut using a cutting stand, since it snaps up from underneath the target. A hanging bottle is a different matter.

Do you have a story, ideas, or advice about Sword Cutting?

Please share it. This can be an experience with a cut and thrust sword or any other type of sword. We'd love to hear from you.

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When I go to sword training on Sunday afternoon we usually do some of our basic cuts practise with sharp swords. We have been trying out different test ...

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