Deadliest Style of Martial Arts Principles:


Taijiquan, the deadliest style of martial artS known, uses tai chi princples such Separation of Weight, in both empty hand and taiji sword training. Separation of weight is very important in Chinese sword fighting. In this footwork principle it differs from most other styles of swordsmanship.

Separation of Weight

In this section of the Chinese Swords Guide we are looking at several tai chi principles that should be part of Chinese swordsmanship:

This principle of taijiquan, the world's deadliest style of martial arts, means that weight is never evenly distributed over both feet in a sword fight. Many European styles are based on footwork with a solidly even weight distribution. Most taijiquan based Chinese sword fighting styles are either front or rear weighted. This means most of the weight is on one foot, leaving the other free to change position very quickly.

Separation of weight in Yangjia Michuan taiji sword.
Alt Text--Separation of weight
In taiji sword, we use the waist to change direction. The waist leads everything else. In a turn, the foot changing position does not drag, but steps lightly into the new position. Often the full weight of the body is on one leg. We practise making an immediate transfer. Some call this having one leg empty and the other full. Some describe it as the yin leg and the yang leg. Whatever you call it, this is one of the things that makes every part of taijiquan, from empty hand to weapons, the world's deadliest style of martial arts.

If you have your weight evenly distributed, it takes a moment to transfer it to one foot to step with the other. If one leg is already empty, there is a split second advantage in your step. We often have the unweighted leg resting on the ball of the foot. This makes it easy to pivot. Sometimes you might be weighted 70% to 30% but it is never 50% - 50%.

We also do taiji sword balance exercises to help learn instantaneous weight transfer and good position.

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