Handling SHARP SWORDS and

31 March, 2024

Sharp swords kids cutting with swords

What a lot of fun we had with sharp swords this week. We played two really great sword games, did some practise with a cutting sword, and learnt how to clean it afterwards. The fun ideas for kids keep happening right up until the last training day for the term. Next time we get together, it will be with Scott Rodell at the April seminars.

Thanks to those who have already brought chocolate money in, and to those who are still selling. You definitely deserve to have your own seminar.

Handling Sharp Swords

  • Keep your hands well away from the blade.
  • Decide which cut you are going to do before you come out for your turn.
  • Stay behind the barrier until you are called.
  • Pass sharp swords back to the instructor tip up, flat to people, leaving room at the guard end of the grip, and not letting go until she has a good grip.
  • Always keep your eye on the blade and don't let anything distract you.
  • If the sword is too heavy for your one handed grip, do your cuts two handed.

Cleaning Cutting Swords

  • Dry the sword after cutting. Be careful handling sharp swords.
  • Clean the blade with methylated spirits.
  • Put a few drops of sword oil on the blade and lightly coat each side using a soft cloth. Don't put too much on or it will swell the scabbard.
  • Only put the sword back in the scabbard when it is clean. If you put a dirty sword back, the dirt will stay inside the scabbard and scratch the blade.


Ask your cutting swords and other Questions Here this week. I'll make a special page for Kids Questions and Answers and put it up soon.

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