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The sword art on this page features women with swords from the recent history of Russia. There are a number of Motherland statues throughout Russia. Not all of them hold swords. These two do.

Mother Motherland in Kiev

Mother Motherland in Kiev.
Alt Text--Sword art in stone from Kiev
Iwas alerted to these huge women with swords by Palenqua, a Russian visitor to the Chinese Swords Guide. Women with swords often feature in statues of the world but this one has to be one of the biggest. This is a memorial of the Great Patriotic War (World War 2), located in Kiev. The overall height of the statue is 102 metres, including the base. The statue alone is 62 metres tall.

The statue makes me think of the American Statue of Liberty. But this one is a woman with a sword rather than a torch. Mother Motherland proudly stands as a tribute to Russian history. Perhaps this is the largest sword in the world at 16 metres tall. It weighs 9 tons. The statue tops a memorial honouring almost 12,000 war heros, and there are often ceremonies held in the forecourt.

Motherland Calling

Motherland Calling.
Alt Text--Sword art motherland calling
This statue, from Mamayev Kurgen, in Volgograd, Russia, is another in the series of women with swords. It's a wonderfully made work of art, and one of my favourites. It's commonly known as Motherland Calling. This piece of Russian history is a massive 82 metres tall. This motherland statue commemorates the Battle of Stalingrad beginning with the 200 steps leading up to it - one for every day of the battle.

I think Valentina Izotova, the woman who posed for this statue by Yevgeny Vuchetich, may have got rather tired holding up a sword for so long. See it soon if you are so inclined. This piece of sword art is on the lean owing to water seepage, and is likely to collapse. Hopefully, no one will be underneath it if it does.

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