Sword Drill Sets for Training
in Chinese Swordsmanship

Step right in to the Liao cut in this sword drill.
Alt Text--Sword Drill partner Training

Hi Everyone. We did a lot of sword drill partner training in class this week. We also did matrix speed and full speed sparring, practised some Chinese swordsmanship footwork and worked on some of our sword fighting moves slowly in the form.

Remember our main theme for the term is FOCUS. It's so easy for young people to get distracted. Sometimes the easy distraction is caused by putting the wrong food in your body. Caffeine, sugar and additives are the simplest ones to avoid. I dare you to try it for a week. Just eat natural, unprocessed food. throw out the lunchbox snack bars, chips, carbonated drinks and other junk TV tries to make you think kids should be eating. See if it makes a difference to your sword drill training, schoolwork, temper and sleep. If it's more than that, you can still work on your focus every day. Don't be the one the teacher has to call twice because you are daydreaming.

Focus your eyes
Focus your body
Focus your mind

Sword Drill Revision

We worked on these partner drills:

  • Liao to Zha
  • Dian, Dian, Tiao
  • Four Corners Drill
  • Pipa Deflect, Pi, Ci

Liao to Zha

  1. In this sword drill, wait until the Zha is coming before turning your waist and deflecting.
  2. Make sure you aren't tripping over your own feet.
  3. Move back quickly out of the way.
  4. Step right in to the Liao, close to your partner.

Dian, Dian Tiao

  1. Think "thigh, thigh, chest" to keep up with whose turn it is to do the higher thrust.
  2. Tiao can be used as a cut under the hand or arm but in this case we use it as a deflection.
  3. Use a turn of the hips to deflect with the flat of your blade.
  4. Don't hit the blade, just direct it. You have to keep your tip online.

Four Corners Chinese Swordsmanship Drill

  1. Do the Mo deflection by turning your waist, Your hand doesn't move very far.
  2. Don't try to learn it all at once - just the top parts first.
  3. Make sure your feet are in place for every deflection.
  4. Aim your thrusts at the target so they would hit if your sword drill partner doesn't deflect.

Pipa Deflect, Pi Ci

  1. Practise the Pipa step on it's own until you have it correct. It steps behind, not in front.
  2. Sink into the deflection.
  3. Spring up into the Pi to the arm from your weighted leg.
  4. As your partner pulls back, extend into a one legged Ci.

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