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Yangjia Michuan First Section

tai chi form Yangjia Michuan

This tai chi form is part of the emptyhand basis of a whole martial arts system. Taijiquan is known as the deadliest style of martial arts. It takes a lifetime to learn well and very few ever become true masters, especially in our day and age when life demands a balance of responsibilities. Even the most talented simply haven't the time to dedicate to mastery of all the martial arts training techniques in a complete taijiquan system. I've included this page because Chinese swordsmanship is always linked to a system. It can be enjoyed in isolation but for those who want to learn all available skills passed down through a lineage, emptyhand is very important. In fact, an empty hand form should be learnt before any weapons skills.

Many of the Chinese swordsmanship techniques found in the Chinese Swords Guide, are from the Yangjia Michuan (Yang Family Hidden) tradition. This has been passed through a direct line of disciple students to my teacher, Scott Rodell, in this generation. Yang Styles comprise about 98% of tai chi practised throughout the world today. This particular one was only given to one or two students in a generation until Master Wang Yen-Nien opened it widely to all. This was at the instruction of his teacher Zhang Quinlin.

In the video below, George C. Lin of Taiwan is performing the first section of this tai chi form. It is the shortest and easiest. The second section is twenty minutes long and the third section, thirty minutes long. In this form, we learn all the body mechanics and tai chi principles necessary for correct Chinese swordsmanship. Understandably, many students work on empty hand as well as weapons. Every movement in a form has powerful martial applications. To get the best benefits, a practitioner needs to know what these are in order to practise mindfully.

You will not be able to learn first section Michuan correctly from a video. Use the Contact Form to ask me where there might be a teacher in your area.

Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan Di Yi Duan

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