Your guide to blade sharpening and
removal of nicks.

Doing your own sword sharpening is a necessary skill for everyone who has their own cutting blades. In this guide I've always said I'll lead you to the experts where my own understanding is still growing. I have a sword to repair. It was either from the nails in the cutting stand, or perhaps from the tests my teacher did on the blade. I'm fairly sure this is my one he's testing here.

If you have arrived on this page looking for knife sharpening, many of these principles are the same. Sometimes edge geometry varies but that's a little outside what I'm sharing on this page. This one is about blade sharpening and removal of nicks. And now for the expert.

Sadly, Paul Champagne, who shares his expertise about field sharpening, on this video, is no longer with us. He is a great loss to the swordsmanship community. His good friend, and my teacher, Scott Rodell, put some of his knowledge on video. I'm sure there were more of these planned but at least we have this one. It was filmed by Greg Wolfson, one of my classmates at GRTC.

Sword sharpening and nick removal

Sword sharpening by KYLEY HARRIS.

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